Monday, June 28, 2010

IT Leadership Versions

As many of you who read my last posts know I am working on applying many standard IT thought processes and controls to the way I roll out changes to how I manage my staff.

What are the forces which drive changes to “software”? New features are mostly driven by customer demand, regulatory or compliance need, and attempts to increase overall value of the product.

Removal of features commonly come from lack of utilization, a function that is now core to the operating system or other commonly used product lines which can just be leveraged by the product.

Ministry Health care has embraced the Studer group principles, and I am embarrassed to say I was behind the curve on this. I am proud to say that most of the principles are at a functional level just a more detailed framework around the One Minute Manager principles I have already embraced. So this is both “regulatory” and “increase overall value” drivers are pushing my new version.

With most policies, procedures or documentation there long term value is a direct relationship to the governance established at the onset of the activity. Changing how you manage a team should be no different. So what will the governing rule to my leadership approach be?

I will allow a minor update to my management framework every quarter. Major changes that affect more than one area of my management framework can only be done every two years at most.

I find it critical that we provide time for our management framework to burn in for at least a year before we truly consider their effectiveness.