Friday, November 12, 2010

Am I a "Leader"

So I am by tittle a Manager, but what makes a “leader”, am I a leader.

I was once told:
Imagine you’re walking along with a group of people and, they have no orders to follow you. Then you turn and head off in a new direction without so much as a word, if the group turns to follow you, then you are a leader.

There are holes in that analogy but I think the base meaning is true. True leadership is trust

Trust by your team that you have the ability to lead them in a direction that is best for them even if you don’t tell they why. Do I advocate not telling your team why you go a direction, absolutely not, tell them everything at every opportunity you can explain it until they understand. The day will come when you need them to trust you, when you can’t tell them everything; you need have mental credits with them for when that day comes.

Keep in mind that if you think about this analogy and your team would not follow you, trust is a two Way Street you might not be giving them a reason to trust you, or one or two team members may have lost your trust.
There are many ways to build trust, team exercises, defending your team, getting them what they need to do their job, expressing empathy, rewarding good performance, and yes removing under performers. It comes down to, be engaged, be proactive, and don’t get bogged down with your “work”, your work IS your team.

What other things make a person a leader post a comment I want your feedback.